Protect Yourself from COVID-19 Health Care Fraud

E&M Guidance

National Alliance of Medical Auditing Specialists (NAMAS) is hosting a free webinar if anyone is interested in additional guidance.

Note: This is additional education/training, not new rules.

4 Key Elements of the COVID Bill for Providers and Payers that was passed by Congress:

• Money for rural hospitals – 8.5 billion
Major Affordable Care expansion – The Congressional Budget Office estimates that temporarily enhancing subsidies — for this year and through 2022 — would increase the federal deficit by $34.2 billion.
• Medicaid Incentives for states
• Full coverage of COBRA premiums – In addition to unemployment insurance and cash payments, one section of the bill provides unemployed workers continued health insurance benefits for free under the normally expensive COBRA health benefits program through Sep. 30th.
House passes bill that would provide relief from Medicare sequester cuts
March 19th, 2021
The House of Representatives voted on the 19th to approve H.R. 1868, a bill that, among other health care provisions, would eliminate the 2% across-the-board cut to all Medicare payments, known as sequestration, until the end of 2021. Congress in legislation enacted last year paused the cuts, but they were expected to resume April 1 without additional congressional action.